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senko_no_ronde's Journal

Senko No Ronde // Fan Community
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Welcome to senko_no_ronde, a place for fans of the series to gather and discuss any news & information regarding the games as well as share any of their fan-works (fanart, icons, fanfiction etc.)- and generaly have some fun!

01. Always respect the thoughts and opinions of other users! This community encourages discussion... but pointless flaming will not be tolerated and will result in getting your comment/entry deleted. Courtesy goes a long way!
02. All posts must be relevant to Senko No Ronde in some way or another.
03. Take your time to check through other posts in the community to avoid reposting the same information, it makes it easier for everyone.
04. If you wish to share downloads, please make sure your post is friends locked.
05. Please try to use correct grammar, don't make posts "TaLk1nG LiKe DiZ!"
06. When posting large images or long entries, make sure they go behind a LJ cut (find out how here if you are not sure). Please keep images outside of cuts at a moderate size.

links out
Senko no Ronde OHP
Senko no Ronde DUO OHP
Senko no Ronde @ Hardcore Gaming 101

Are you looking to have a match with other players, but don't know where to look? You can now find a list of users Xbox Live Gamertags over HERE. You can also add your own Gamertag to the list by leaving a comment on the entry!

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